mardi 24 janvier 2012

The buzz around Nigel

The buzz around Nigel Scott continues - as his show chez Colette in Paris comes to an end on Jan 28, The Globe and Mail of Toronto dedicate an entire page to "Conversations with Blue"........

"You could call this Nigel Scott’s Blue Period, but that risks reducing his work to a gimmick, an ephemeral conceit – which it isn’t. Rather, the peripatetic Jamaican-born artist’s ambient, rhythmic images of flora floating and drifting within an expanse of indigo reflect his absolute respect for the ocean. On a technical level, they also pay homage to one of the earliest forms of photography, the cyanotype: the printing process entails ultraviolet light (Scott goes au naturel with the sun) and a solution of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium. No camera. No darkroom. No digital effects. The result: a deep pigment referred to as Prussian blue. The effect is even more pronounced on silk, which, unlike paper, transmits sheen and fluidity. Conversations with Blue, Scott’s slim yet thoughtful monograph on the subject, manages to capture these nuances, all the ghostly petals, fronds and ferns that are akin to botanical X-rays. As adept as he is with the medium, it’s a significant departure for the artist, who is better known for photographing female nudes in dramatic chiaroscuro. Currently on display at Colette, the Paris retailer with a sixth sense for cool, his one-of-a-kind cyanotypes seem right at home there; the store’s signature logo – two stacked blue circles – is of a hue and hence quite simpatico. Scott spent more than a decade in Toronto, where he is still represented by the Corkin Gallery, before moving to Paris in 1987 and then to New York, where he now resides. An avid surfer, he lives by a personal mantra “Nami forever”. Nami is Japanese for wave.
Conversations With Blue by Nigel Scott continues at Colette ( until Jan.28. the limited-edition book is published by Tokyo-based Clear Edition (
source: AMY VERNER, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada,

Who knows, maybe someday in the not-so-distant future, fans of Transacmer Saint-Tropez will be able to admire Nigel Scott's surfing photos ...... watch this space!

Transacmer Paris

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