mardi 7 décembre 2010


In today’s World the buzz words are globalisation and global network but in our work these words are senseless if we don’t possess a good local network. If our personnel didn’t have contacts within influential circles, different networks or services and didn’t live where we work, you would lose your time and your patience. Certain networks declare having dozens of agencies and catalogues offering thousands of properties, but you only want one agency - the one that resembles you the most. We are not a franchise, we have no commercial agents, every member of our personnel possesses the DNA of TRANSACMER: the real estate agency founded in 1964 in Saint-Tropez. Our longevity, our results, our reputation are proof that we know how to listen, and if we ‘waste’ time in our searches and keeping up our networks, we do not bombard you with thousands of offers. Our obsession: 1 visit 1 sale! Our website is a blog which illustrates our method of working, eyes and ears wide open and entirely dedicated to your quest. It is not a mail-order catalogue!

olivier Le Quellec

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