samedi 16 janvier 2010

The New Malaysian House

John DING and Ken WONG, two young and very talented architects from Kuala Lumpur (Unit One Design), dropped into our Parisian agency this week and offered us the book "The New Malaysian House" by Robert Powell which features one of their houses on the cover.

This book is a perfect example of what is happening in the world of contemporary architecture in Asia - exciting and innovative where the influences of Le Corbusier, Schindler and Breuer are evident but with the added twist of an asian 'art de vivre' so peculiar to this part of the world.

Come and discover this beautiful book and the creations of our friends Ding and Wong and of other young asian architects such as Kevin Low, David Chan Weng Cheong, Chan Mun and Wooi Lok Kuang in our Salon de Lecture / Bibliothèque at 19 rue du Bac in Paris.

The New Malaysian House
Robert Powell
photographs by Albert LIM KS
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